Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call the doctor, or do I have to use the video application?
You may call and talk with the doctor if you prefer.
Can I video chat with the doctor?
Yes, you will need to login online or download the MDLive app from iTunes® or Google Play®.
Can I start using the service as soon as I buy it?
You should receive an email within an hour of registering. Once your account has been activated you will need to register your telemedicine and therapy services. This is much like visiting a new doctor when you fill out a form for them to set up your profile. They will need to know your medical history including allergies, medications and any surgeries. Once you have established your service for you and your dependents, you can use the services as often as you like.
Where can I go for my medications?
We provide service at every major pharmacy – here are some of those stores: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, Rite Aid, Discount Drug Mart, Albertsons, Kroger, Kmart.
Where does the service work?
In all fifty states.
Who is covered under my program?
You and up to six (6) other household members at no additional cost.
How difficult is it to reach a doctor?
Not difficult at all. Our physician network is the largest in the country and our average wait time for a call back is 10-15 minutes.
Can the doctor prescribe medications?
Yes. This service CANNOT prescribe, however, narcotic (pain) medications or controlled substances. This service is not used for maintenance medications either (blood pressure, cholesterol etc.)
Can I use this doctor for everything?
No. This service is not meant to replace a primary care physician. This service is designed for non-emergent, episodic illness (occasional illnesses that are not an emergency).
How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
We’re sorry to hear you go. Please email [email protected] with your membership number & name and we’ll process your request within 1 business day.

Still have questions?

Or submit a ticket at our official Freshdesk customer support portal.